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The Cavalry Have Arrived!

My Nectarine nemesis is once again covered in black aphids… but hopefully not for much longer…. the ‘Lady Birds’ have landed! Continue reading The Cavalry Have Arrived!

Top Tip: Thin your Carrots

Last year my attempt at carrots was a bit of a disaster. They all grew into each other in gnarled knots and by the time I harvested them they were still tiny but tasted bitter 😦

Continue reading Top Tip: Thin your Carrots

Following this Blog – Some tips

How to Follow WITHOUT getting inundated with emails!

Brunswick Gardener

I’ve recently made a few changes to the layout of the Blog to help make it easy for my lazy friends to FOLLOW!

There is now a ‘Follow by Email’ option in the right hand menu. This means you don’t have to sign up to WordPress in order to follow this awesome blog lol.

Follow via email - no need to sign up Follow via email – no need to sign up

Once you enter your email address, you will get a confirmation email.

When you click on confirm, you will be taken to a screen where you can manage subscriptions:

Change settings to 'Daily' or 'Weekly' Change settings to ‘Daily’ or ‘Weekly’

I strongly recommend that you change the delivery preferences to Daily or Weekly.

This will prevent you receiving an email every  time I post…. sometimes i post many times in one day – I don’t want to fill your Inbox with clutter

Happy Gardening


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