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I was let loose – allowed to ‘Raid the Reardon’s’

Euphorbia (not to be confused with euphoria!)

During the raid on the Reardon’s Garden, there was a plant in flower that really caught my attention. They had striking foliage but what really caught my attention were the flowers! Chris had 2 different types growing and the flowers were Green/ Green yellow!

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Propagation 101

Its rare that i buy a plant or seeding now days… i has to be something that i want desperately and right away… otherwise i propagate!

Whether it is seeds or cuttings, there are a few things that you will need to get started: Continue reading Propagation 101

Potting up the Booty :-)

I really wanted to use some of the Castings and Compost i acquired inΒ yesterdays plunder in the propagation mix i was going to use to strikes the cuttings i plundered.

Amongst yesterdays booty was a bucket of propagating sand, so i was able to make a mixture that contained: Continue reading Potting up the Booty πŸ™‚

Introducing the ‘Ork’


The Ork is a single tine gardening fork- and is probably the most useful garden tool ive seen since the ‘bottle top water’

Dont bother trying to find an Ork on the shelf at Bunnings…. my mates dad buys a normal 3 prong fork and cuts off the F he doesn’t need.
I had the pleasure of using the Ork while raiding Chris’s garden today.

In the pic above, the Ork is sitting on a bucket full off worm castings acquired in the raid πŸ™‚