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Everyone can find space to grow plants!



Diggers club – review

Let me start by saying that i just bought 5 year upgrade to my membership. I want to try to be balanced and objective in my review.

I renewed my membership for 5 years because:

  • I love the philosophy of these guys. Old is new again. Im a fan of anything ‘Heirloom’
  • The standards they adhere to are second to none.  From the Diggers website: “Multinational chemical companies, like Monsanto, can now introduce chemicals into our food supply (ie: G.M. seeds), which threatens our health and the existence of our best plant varieties.”  Im glad to know i can get non GM and even certified organic seed from Diggers
  • Mail Order Plants – Need i say more?? it is really cool getting a parcel that is marked ‘Live plants’ (the only thing better is when the stamp says ‘live animals’! i own a large aquarium and have fish delivered too)
  • The regular magazine / ordering guide. Its full of handy hints and growing tips plus everything you need to know to order from Diggers
  • The customer service lady i spoke with today was good at dealing with my complaint about the companion panting chart: http://www.diggers.com.au/shop/product/HCCH/CHART%20COMPANION%20PLANTING.aspx
  • I ordered a vegetable planting guide which contained a section on ‘Moon planting’. ‘Lunar gardening is a concept i’m extremely interested in!


The other side:

  • I have made a few orders with Diggers and have experienced a couple of issues:
  • member ‘free gifts’ show as ‘out of stock’
  • lots of items are ‘out of stock’
  • Expensive – even member prices are at the top end of what you might expect
  • I purchased a companion planting guide for $14.95. It was packed on the bottom of my order and arrived crushed. In its ‘un-crushed’ state, it was a poorly printed piece of A3 paper with no coating or protection. It was impossible to read and i really cant believe that diggers attempted to charge me nearly 15 dollars for this item.  My request to return the product was handled professionally!
  • My expensive 5 year membership renewal was supposed to include a ‘Gift’. No gift was sent :- ( (customer service assure me that they will sort this out)
  • I ordered a couple of citrus trees (limequat and blood orange). The Fact Sheet link for blood orange leads to a 404 error.    Diggers make their pot sizing clear and i knew what i was ordering. With this in mind, i don’t think i have ever seen a nursery or department store sell such sickly specimens for $29.95. I felt so let down when i opened the (well packed) box to extract small and sad looking plants – when i paid $29.95 plus postage. i know a ‘Limequat’ is not common, but even bunnings stock Blood Orange- and for $30 i could get a pretty happy looking tree!

It is possible that they trimmed the plants down before packing to reduce transpiration – but this wouldn’t explain the yellowing leaves.

Hopefully they will come good after i plant them out and give them a feed.

On balance, Diggers magazine is a great catalogue, but so far they have given me little other reason to recommend you join.

Come on Diggers – pick up your game!


For seeds, i have had great purchases from ebay seller: ‘Seeds4you’. this seller has a great variety and provides growing notes for each item!

For live plants, try www.gardenexpress.com.au as an alternative.

happy gardening.





Red Abutilon (Chinese lantern)

I found an awesome Red Chinese Lantern Tree growing in roadside garden
Mum struggles to propagate the Red ones so im hoping these will take off so we can share

Red Abutilon (Chinese lantern)

Here they are all planted out. Used my own propagation mix, mostly cow poo and compost.


hope they work out.

Mum makes awesome ‘twisted plants’ she takes 3 or 4 different colours of these and plaits them into a standard… like this one https://www.jparkers.co.uk/plant-0001292/abutilon-tricolour-p12/

I’m determined to beat her, and create a 5 colour variety!