Euphorbia (not to be confused with euphoria!)

During the raid on the Reardon’s Garden, there was a plant in flower that really caught my attention. They had striking foliage but what really caught my attention were the flowers! Chris had 2 different types growing and the flowers were Green/ Green yellow!

I asked him what they were but he only knew them as “The things we took cuttings from when we stayed at Ravenswood”.

Of course, i took a few cuttings of each type and potted them up with the rest of the booty from their garden.

While i was out walking today, I saw a garden that was filled with the same plants… so i took a pic of the flower and sent it to Mum with the question: “Whats this”. She gets at least one text like this per week hahaha.

Hey Mum, what's this?
Hey Mum, what’s this?

In true Mum style, she responded with “oh, they’re the things with the green flowers that i love”.

Very helpful Mum!

She came through in the end – texting me just ‘Euphorbia’ about 3 hours later.

20140820_140025 20140820_140019 Euphorbia


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