The Offerings


This week is ‘pick your own’ week at the flats. Continue reading The Offerings


Bellis Perennis

I have a real love of easy to grow flowers.
When I was really little,  I remember that every time my Grandmother came over she would dig daisies out of our lawn!

I thought it was a hoot to see my old Nan digging bits out of our lawn and sticking them in a plastic bag in her hand bag (she always had a plastic bag tucked inside her hand bag…. I actually think she probably always traveled with a pair of seceteurs too!). Continue reading Bellis Perennis

Shameless /kickstarter

The new east side strip has been a success in many ways:

  • All the seeds have sprouted
  • The productive end has already given us Radishes and Rocket!
  • The Residents of Mitchell Mews now stop and chat!

With this success in mind, I’d really like to reclaim the garden near the fence on the eastern side. Continue reading Shameless /kickstarter

Volunteering at CERES!

Site Gardener at the Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies

Ive just been accepted as a ‘Site Gardener’ Volunteer at CERES. (Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies)

CERES is awesome, and I’m so lucky to have it close by in Brunswick. Ive mentioned CERES before.

Here’s what I signed up for: Continue reading Volunteering at CERES!