Deck it Out: Landscape and outdoor Solutions

Starting ‘work experience’ tomorrow. … picking up plants from wholesale nursery for planting out at a job on Wednesday. Gonna learn how to lay turf 😉

Brunswick Gardener

I’m hoping I might be able to get some work experience with these guys.

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Our garden needs you: Kickstarter update

Kick$tarter Update

Now, more than ever: OUR GARDEN NEEDS YOU!

Kick starter update

(Apologies for ‘tagging’ this post with so many terms – just trying to capture as big an audience as possible. No shame when it comes to repairing  / creating productive gardens!)

Please donate if you can

14 Days to go

Shameless /kickstarter

The new east side strip has been a success in many ways:

  • All the seeds have sprouted
  • The productive end has already given us Radishes and Rocket!
  • The Residents of Mitchell Mews now stop and chat!

With this success in mind, I’d really like to reclaim the garden near the fence on the eastern side. Continue reading Shameless /kickstarter