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Top Tip: Thin your Carrots

Last year my attempt at carrots was a bit of a disaster. They all grew into each other in gnarled knots and by the time I harvested them they were still tiny but tasted bitter šŸ˜¦

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Foam Box Carrots

The Carrots growing in the foam boxes (car-park garden) are doing exceptionally well this year! Even I’m surprised that they are happily growing in such a small space: Continue reading Foam Box Carrots

Our garden needs you: Kickstarter update

Kick$tarter Update

Now, more than ever: OUR GARDEN NEEDS YOU!

Kick starter update


(Apologies for ‘tagging’ this post with so many terms – just trying to capture as big an audience as possible. No shame when it comes to repairingĀ  / creating productive gardens!)

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