Zygo Cactus


This Zygo Cactus has been flowering for a couple of weeks now.
Its been in the same spot for at least a couple of years – I think this might be the first time it has flowered.

I actually dont know how it came to be in my garden – my guess is that it came for one of my annual raids on mum’s garden (we don’t swap Xmas presents, we swap plants!). She definitely has one this colour. She also claims to have an apricot/peach coloured one…. but I’ll believe it when I see it hahaha.

It’s surprising that it has flowered at all…just read that they should be kept away from artificial light at night-time during autumn while the flower buds are developing.  Artificial light at night impairs the plants ability to determine the seasons….
My garden never follows the rules- you can see the fluro light behind the cactus in the pic above. Its not more than 45 cm from the hanging pot and is on from dusk till dawn. That poor plant hasn’t encountered darkness once since its lived there!

I bought a new little one from Masters last week that is supposed to be ‘Gold’.
All the other colors had flowers or buds, but none of the gold ones did 😦


Got my fingers crossed that it turns out yellow. …
It was only $5 so I’d actually be happy as long as it isn’t pink!


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