Potting up the Booty :-)

I really wanted to use some of the Castings and Compost i acquired in yesterdays plunder in the propagation mix i was going to use to strikes the cuttings i plundered.

Amongst yesterdays booty was a bucket of propagating sand, so i was able to make a mixture that contained:

  • 1/3 sand
  • 1/3 compost / worm casting
  • 1/3 commercial seed raising mix
Propagation mix
Propagation mix

Once mixed together, it seemed like the perfect mixture. I refrained from adding any extra ingredients as i tend to be too heavy handed with things lime Lime and Potash hahaha


I potted up:

  • Heaps of Hebes
  • The White Hibiscus cuttings (fingers crossed
  • Thing in the back garden grown from cutting ‘found’ at Raven-Wood. No idea what it is but it has green/yellow type flowers and runs ‘milk’ everywhere it is cut or a leaf is taken off. Ill update with name soon.
  • A couple of cuttings from trees at the front – i wanna say Crepe Myrtle but i cant be sure
  • Some of the ‘leafy things’ from the mid terrace at the back. I have a feeling that they are some kind of Lamium but i really cant be sure.
  • Lots of the succulent-type leaf things from the level above the Lanium in the mid terrace at the back. Cant believe ive forgotten the name of these! Chris went to town with the ‘Ork’ and dug heaps out for me!



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