Propagation 101

Its rare that i buy a plant or seeding now days… i has to be something that i want desperately and right away… otherwise i propagate!

Whether it is seeds or cuttings, there are a few things that you will need to get started:

Propagating supplies
Propagating supplies

The supplies you need:

  • pots with filled with your propagating mix
  • Sharp, clean secateurs
  • Labels and marker
  • Rooting Powder/ hormone / clonex
  • Dibber
  • Glass of Cab Merlot
  • Patience (Patience not pictured above lol)

Always ensure the mixture in pot is loose and use a Dibber to make the hole for your cutting. Dont just push it into the dirt as this may damage the cutting and prevent good root development.

Even if the soil is wet, always ‘Water in’ new cuttings. This helps remove air pockets around the roots or base of the cutting.


Its also helpful to have an assistant while gardening:

Nimbus likes to help
Nimbus likes to helpful

Nimbus feels that his contributions to my gardening efforts are invaluable. I tend to disagree lol


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