Reuse and Recycle: Toliet roll pots

Sometimes i struggle to find enough little pots to use when i need to pot up seedlings or propagate cuttings.

Some people love ‘Jiffy Pots’ or ‘Pellets’ but i find that they don’t break down quick enough and are not tall enough to accommodate a good tap root system.

Ive read a few tips and heard from an elderly neighbour that using toilet rolls as transitional pots works really well.

So, like crazy person i messaged my friends asking them to keep their empty toilet rolls for me – and of course they did 🙂

Toilet roll pots
Toilet roll pots

It took a little while to work out how to fill them – without having your soil go everywhere or compressing it to firmly in the tube.

After a few attempts, i found it was best to hold the ‘top’ end covered with my palm and fill the tubes from the bottom. This meant i was able to compact the soil at the ‘bottom’ tight enough not fall straight out while leaving the soil mix at the top half of the tube nice and lightly packed.

Toilet roll pots Frozen yoghurt pots  and regular pots
Toilet roll pots
Frozen yoghurt pots
and regular pots filled with propagation mix

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