I’m riddled with WORMS!

During the raid yesterday, Chris gave me a foam box containing about 10000 worms.

After the tragic demise of the worms in the heat wave last year, i only added a small box of about 500 to restock.

While they have bred really well, it takes ages for me to generate a tray of castings.

I’d really love for the residents of the block to be able to recycle their kitchen green waste in the worm farm and i think that the addition of so many hungry mouths to the current 3 tray system might make this possible! 🙂

Welcome to your new home
Welcome to your new home

These guys will speed up the process SO much!

Amazing - so many tiny wrigglers too!
Amazing – so many tiny wrigglers too!

Of course, there was a welcome feast:

Welcome feast
Welcome feast

Chris had a compost and worm system that would make CERES envious. I would have loved to hire a ‘ute’ and re-home it all…. but i have to be realistic – there just is not enough room here at the flats.

I really hope that the new owners of the Reardon Family home and garden appreciate what they have inherited and continue the legacy!

It must be so hard to leave a garden you have created for 20+ years …. ive stayed longer in this flat (4+ years) than anywhere else i have lived since moving out of home at 18 – even after that relatively short time, im so attached to my garden… cant imagine the feeling the Reardon’s are going through.

Chris, if you happen to read this thanks again for your generosity and your valuable time.

I gained so much from the tour you gave me:

  • Design ideas and principles
  • Permaculture at work! While you were showing me your compost area you  made a comment like “Its a closed system, everything that comes out of the garden goes back in”. This gave me goose bumps lol
  • and of course, the plants i absconded with 🙂

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