Time for a Tomato Update….Already! !

It was only 4 days ago that the Tomato seeds were trayed up and we already have germination!
This stage is my favorite stage of the whole gardening process. .. when seeds first sprout I find it amazing to watch how quickly they grow and change while developing their first leaves.

Under lights and on the warming mat
Under lights and on the warming mat

They are currently sitting on the warming mat and today I switched on the LED lights above. I’m not really sure that this kind of lighting actually helps the sprouts develop – but I’m it does no harm.

With such limited space, these little guys cant move to the windowsill until the chillies move outdoors

Does any have any advice on indoor ‘grow’ lighting – obviously small scale….

Here are some pics of the sprouts that emerged overnight. Ill update this gallery as the sprouts continue to grow.

Tomato Sprout
Tomato Sprout

I get lots of seeds from e-bay but this tray also contains varieties that purchased from The New Gippsland Seed Farm and from Diggers Club. Both have a great range of heirloom tomatoes.

Check out the Diggers Club site for good descriptions of all the many varieties they stock – be warned though: its so hard to choose!!

Happy Gardening!



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