Tomato Planting Day

Time to get my Tomato seeds in trays today! So hard to choose which varieties to plant- I must stop buying so many seeds!


I thought I had decided on the following 6 varieties:
Tiny Tim
Green Grape
Yellow Ox Heart
Yellow Pear

But it is just to hard to Sophie’s choice my seeds.
Id also like to plant
Black Cherry
Emerald Apple
And some that ive labeled Bush Heirloom Mix.

I’m limiting myself to just 1 seed tray (inside) for tomatoes so think I might try to raise some out doors as well.

imageHmmmm tough decisions!

Okay, decided I could plant all varieties if I settled for just a couple of each. Really I dont have the room – but still subconsciously think I’m a full scale farmer lol.

Even planted 3 different types of eggplant:

Casper (White)

Little Finger

Rosa Bianca

Heirloom Bush mix planted outdoors

Heirloom Bush mix planted outdoors

Happy Gardening


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