Nectarine: Beating ‘Leaf-Curl’

While I got a small harvest off the Nectarine last year, the ‘Leaf-Curl’ really stopped it from performing at its best.

It was already to late to treat the problem once it was identified last year.

Out of about 200 forming fruit, only 20-30 made it to maturity last season. It just seemed that that the shriveling leaves sucked out all of the trees energy. (It feels guilty to admit that i actually think that leaf curl looks pretty lol)

Research told that 1 well timed application of anti fungal treatment is usually enough to keep this fungus at bay each season. For best results, the anti fungal solution needs to be applied all over the tree at ‘Bud-Swell’ stage. 2 weeks ago i gave the tree a good spray with copper sulfate solution and then repeated it today just to be on the safe side.

Nectarine at budswell
Nectarine at budswell
Nectarine - Just at bud swell stage
Nectarine – Just at bud swell stage


Hopefully a great harvest this year!


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