John’s Garden Reno Update 3: 3000L of Mulch!

Edging is up, time to fill the beds with Pine Bark Mulch

Yesterday, I finished Johns Garden Reno.

This required 3 cubic meters of pine bark mulch to spread across the 4 beds! To put this in perspective, 3M equates to:

  • 3000L
  • 60 x 50L bags – the kind you buy from bunnings etc
  • 4.5 ‘Trailer’ loads!

After calling a few garden supply companies and visiting 2 local suppliers, I decided to use ‘Innercity Garden Supplies’ in Kirkdale street Brunswick.

I cannot speak more highly of these guys! Great service, great price, great delivery drivers…. and so quick! Because of the difficult access to the site, I had the mulch delivered in 2 separate batches so that I didn’t block the neighbors for too long. The delivered the second 1.5 meters within half an hour of my call! I could not be happier with their service.

Inner-city garden supplies provided me  a sample of the colour the previous day (Terracotta) … I was a a bit hesitant (as was John) as it was quite bright. Against the pale fence it might look great…. but combined with the red brick of the house, it might be way too much.

Below is a gallery of pics, showing how the day progressed.

From this….


To this…..


Really stoked with the final result, I hope John is too.

Happy Gardening



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