Peas and Potatoes: Carpark Garden Update

Finally the Snow Peas and Sugar-Snap peas have broken into flower! Combined with the new Potato Planters the ‘Car-Park Garden’ is booming at the moment….

Finally the Peas have popped!

Only a few flowers have opened on the Snow Peas and there are heaps of buds on all the plants. Hopefully a good crop is just around the corner!


Today I planted some ‘Spuds’ (Potatoes for those not from Oz). While late in the season, I’m hoping they do okay… they have been planted in a rich mix of:

  • Mushroom Compost
  • Cow manure
  • Worm Castings
  • and topped off with pea straw.

On Mamma Tony’s advice, i did not buy seed potatoes, simply cut the eyes out of spuds in my veggie basket and planted them.

Fingers crossed.

Sorry that there are no pics of the process… but here is the end result:20140915_161623

Potato Planter

Plenty of room to top the planters up…



pea garden
pea garden

Hoping for a ‘Bumper’ Crop!!


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