Don’t Trust the Rain! – Garden Maintenance

Its been drizzling for 2 days in Melbourne now but still most of the garden beds are ‘driza-bone’ lol 🙂

Regardless of the weather, its important to check your garden as often as possible! Every day if you can.

This way you will be on top of any disease / predator outbreaks and you will be able to ensure your plants are getting the water and conversation they need to thrive.

Unfortunately, I don’t always practice what I preach.  My plot at the community garden has been very unloved, for way too long. I got an email today from the MCCG Manager asking me to clean up the plot as it has gotten over grown and is encroaching on other peoples gardens. I’m really embarrassed that i have let it go….

I’ll head to the plot and give it a full clean up tomorrow…. rain or not! From there, I will need to re-assess whether I can maintain that plot and the other projects that are always distracting me.

While I love the idea of having a plot at MCCG, maybe it is best if I let it go to someone else….


Michelle’s email was really nice:

Subject was : MCCG- Active gardening

I hope all is well. I’ve managed to get to the garden a few times recently and have noticed that your plot is quite overgrown. I tidied up the areas that are encroaching on your neighbours’ plots, but there is still a bit to do.

If you’re having trouble getting to the plot and would like some support, there is always someone at the garden happy to help. If you can please let me know if you need a hand – or if you can make it to the garden yourself – I and your neighbours would really appreciate it. I know how quickly the plots can get overgrown and completely understand that it’s not always a priority – but it does help your fellow plot holders if you can give the garden some regular attention.


So tomorrow is clean up day, then i need to decide whether to keep the plot or not….


Happy Gardening



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