Organic Fruit Fly Bait

Got a letter from Mamma Tony today, yup- a real snail mail letter! Lol
When I see a letter from MT I usually expect a recipe inside,  this was a recipe of a different kind…

It was a recipe for organic fruit fly bait!


*think he means to write “cut hole in top”

I love the cute note attached. … it confirms my mission: Grow gardens to grow community!
Hoping to check out Doug’s garden when I visit Mamna T over Xmas.

Sent MT a txt msg to let her know the snail mail arrived:

“Got your recipe! I agree with them…. if aphids are on flowers I leave them to bring in the parasitic wasps, lace wings etc but there were too many ants protecting the masses of aphids on the nectarine 😦
Never seen a lady bird in any of my garden’s. .. I look each day as I hope to catch a couple and breed them!
Ive even looked at buying them in but they are so expensive. …”

(Btw…. MT is one of only about 3 people that could still get away with calling me ‘Grub’. I’m going to say I got the nickname as a child cos I was always playing in the garden and coming inside ‘grubby’- that may or may not be the true inspiration behind the nickname lol)

Happy gardening from Anthony, Mamma Tony and ‘Doug’


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