The Peas got Punished!

We just had a crazy little storm pass through, not to much damage but the Snow Peas copped it!


Mostly due to my dodgey trellis (an old clothes airer) that did not stand up to the wind.
Because of how the buildings and fences are situated,  my garden beds seem like wind tunnels any time it gusts over 50km. Today we had gusts of 90km+.
I lost a few small pots from the kiddy corner…. blown off the balcony never to be seen again but the hardest hit plants were the Snow Peas/Sugar snap peas.


Only in the last 2 days have I been able to pick enough from these plants to go with a meal so I was pretty disappointed to think a small storm would herald their end!
Once the storm passed I headed downstairs armed with plant ties made from an old pair of track pants to see if I could help save these plants.

When I looked around for something I could use as trellis there were 2 options:
1. Some garden wire I had laying around
2. Another piece of the same clothes airer that was still in the rubbish area.

Either way, I had no idea how I was going to attach it to the new metal fence.

Sometimes luck is on your side!
With a little grunting and the required amount of cursing I was able to push a piece of the clothes airer under the top locking strip of the fence! (Without loosing a finger on thr razor sharp edges)


Ive tied the plants to their new support and hoping they were not too damaged.


All I am saying, is give peas a chance 😉

Happy gardening


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