All Cashed Up :-)

A bit overwhelmed…. one of the Mitchell Mews residents just insisted that I take some money for the food that she gets from the foyer!While I was out collecting tonight’s harvest to put in the foyer, the owner of on of the top floor units called out to me from out of her window. She was a bit disappointed that my Kickstarter Project did not get enough support to be funded, as she had made a considerable pledge.

She said that if seeing that her donation wouldn’t get to me via Kickstarter (If a project isn’t funded because it doesn’t reach its target – project supporters are not charged their pledge amount) that she wanted to give me cash for the produce that she gets to take from the foyer each night. As a vegetarian she is pretty happy to have organic veg at her doorstep each day.

I declined her offer, and explained that the Kickstarter project was all about creating a new garden – and that I did not want her to pay for vegetables that have been grown in the existing gardens or planter boxes. After all, everything is grown on ‘common’ space around the flats.

Refusing to take ‘no’ for an answer, Deb insisted that I take some cash. Honestly, I’m a bit overwhelmed.

I get such reward when I check the foyer each day and see that the harvest has disappeared that I certainly don’t expect money on top of that!

I’m only 1 person, and grow way more than i can use myself – so if the residents of the other units did not eat the harvest, it would go to waste! I’d find that heartbreaking!

If there are any other residents of the flats reading this: please, no money for any ‘Foyer Food’! I will relaunch the Kickstarter project soon and would love your support in creating a new garden…. but just enjoy the produce from the gardens we have already 🙂

Finally, thanks Deb! I really appreciate that you enjoy the produce. The money you gave me will be used to buy mulch to top the existing garden beds in preparation for the warmer weather 🙂

Thanks again!






One thought on “All Cashed Up :-)”

  1. And Deb, If you are reading: dont be afraid to ask me to plant anything that you particularly like. Chances are that I already have seed for it in the ‘Brunswick Seed Bank’ lol
    (honestly – i must stop buying seeds!!)


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