First ‘Garden Reno’ Job Confirmed for Brunswick Gardener!

Brunswick Gardener has been booked to renovate the garden next door… with a design brief of: “Just make it look better”.
Its a challenging site to access – a townhouse, behind another dwelling in Brunswick- with fence all around!
We will need nearly 3 cubic meters of soil and mulch to replenish the depleted garden beds…. and around 20M of sleeper edging.

Because of challenging access to the site, we researched many options for the job:

  1. Soil and mulch delivered in ‘Bulka-Bags’. Bulka-bags hold up to .75 cubic meters which allows you to access bulk prices. The down side is that unless there is already a fork lift or crane working on your site, these bags need to delivered with a crane truck. There are not many places that have ‘crane trucks’ in their fleet. The only place I found was that could deliver with ‘crane tracks’ and drop the bags over the fence was ‘Colsmith Delivers Garden Supplies.  They have a good range of mulch, but because of the access issues, it would cost $360 for 2 cubic meters of bark/mulch to be dropped over the fence by a crane truck in massive bags…
  2. could deliver the same amount packed in 50L bags (40 bags) for $315. More convenient, but still to expensive for a bulk buy.
  3. About $70 per cubic meter to have it dumped on the footpath out side…. most economical, but also most labor intensive. We would probably have to do this in 2 separate deliveries to ensure we didn’t block the footpath and get in trouble with the council!
  4. Our final option… Remove 2 panels from the colour-bend fence and have the mulch tipped through the gap off a small tipper truck. I think we have a winner!!

Hopefully option 4 will turn out to be both cost and labour effective!!
Looking fwd to the the challenge…

Happy Gardening


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