DISASTER! Well a Minor Tradgedy!

The weather has been WILD in the Brunswick Garden over the last 24 hours, and the high winds claimed a few victims…

I always expect a little bit of damage when we have high winds… Usually I have a fair idea of the pots and random things that are at risk of getting blown away and i take steps to move them or tie them down (i tied the frangapani to the stairs rails yesterday afternoon after it fell over at the beginning of the storm).

Even though I ‘Braced’ myself before walking out the front door this morning, I was still quite shocked with the victim claimed by the wind:

Wild winds claimed a victim (or victims) :-(
Wild winds claimed a victim (or victims) 😦

The Baby Bay tree that was on top in the terracotta pot had landed behind the worm farm.  Frantically i began the rescue mission, searching through the dirt from its pot and the pots of all its other fallen comrades.

I couldn’t find the tree and decided it was gone… as i went to get in my car … meters away from this accident i nearly stepped on the poor little, bare rooted, Bay Tree that had blown its way across the car park!

It has now been reunited with its pot, and i hope it lives!

The tree that I was trying to keep alive after the carnage of the fence replacement is certainly now doomed.

This poor tree was not meant to live
This poor tree was not meant to live

On the upside… There will now be a spare pot ready to plant my first tomato seedlings hahaha

Honestly,  no complaints from me really… the weather has been so WILD that if this is the only damage – Ive been very lucky!


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