1 Week Later: The Re-homed Peas

This time last week we moved the Snow Pea garden to its new home at the flats.

Thought Id share an update on how they are settling in….

The good news: There has not been a single casualty so far!

The bad news: There has not been a single flower yet. Well, I guess that’s not really bad news but i was kinda hoping that the shock of the move would have kicked them into gear a little bit 😦

The Pea Patch
The Pea Patch

They are all looking pretty good. The sugar snap Peas have bounced back really well!

I discovered a little surprise while I was watering on the stairs a moment ago. There is a ragged looking snow pea plant in a pot that has fruit on it. I thought all the Peas I had planted in pots down the stairs had died and gone long ago… guess i missed one lol.

Poor little plant
Poor little plant

Happy Gardening


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