The ‘Happening’ Herbs

It’s finally time to plant out the herbs… after long weeks sprouting on the warming mat in my bathroom propagation area and then torture of ‘hardening off’ outside during a Melbourne winter – its time to plant out the herbs!

Like most of my plants, these guys started life on top of a warming mat in my bathroom, and then the windowsill while they germinated and grew a few leaves.

Not an ideal setup, but small spaces mean you need to get creative!

Its not an ideal setup, but with such limited space, you have to get creative. (I think it is Abutilon/Chinese Lantern cuttings that I’m trying to strike in the picture above)

After the plants have a couple of ‘true’ leaves they get moved outside to the ‘Kiddy Corner’ to weather off.

Dill, Parsley, Thyme and Oregano seedlings
Dill, Parsley, Thyme and Oregano seedlings

Last week, i gifted a few to my friends Souraya and Aaron, and it was definitely time to plant out the rest.

I wanted to be able to share the herbs with the other residents of the flats and had it in my mind that i would be able to use a window box and hang it in the window of the main stair well. There is already a pot of Linaria and a pot of Bellis hanging there, but they have not been doing so well. After some contemplation (and of course a good chat with my cat) I realised that i might be able to hang them on the outside – if i could get the window open more.

After a spray of olive oil spray (worked a treat!) on the stuck hinges, i was able to get the window open a few more inches…. Success!

Yay... got the window open a bit more.
Yay… got the window open a bit more.

Hope the grow well!



2 thoughts on “The ‘Happening’ Herbs”

  1. The stairwell is really dingy- hope a few plants brighten it up a little. I don’t use the main stairs to access my flat… I like the look of my stairs much better!
    The pic at the top is the view looking down from my balcony 🙂


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