Thinning seedlings – east side

For me, the hardest garden job I have to complete is thinning seedlings.
I find it heartbreaking to murder the poor things after they have done so well to even sprout in my gardens!
I noticed today that the ‘Cornflower Blue’ in the east side strip had really shot up.
As the garden doesn’t get much sun and is up against a wall- its important to try to keep good ventilation around the plants to help prevent disease.


As I said…. I find this job tough 😦
The pic below is after thining them out lol


Think I might need to sacrifice a few more for the good of the crop 🙂

There were a few spots where the Bellis needed thining too


I had hoped to transplant them…. but it was very difficult to get any out without damaging the roots


I managed to take some out but I will have to be realistic and get rid of a few more if I want any of them to be successful ;-(


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