New fence – Carnage part 2

Well it looks like the guys doing the fence have finished. … I’m hoping that they are coming back to clean up- but I seriously doubt it. Grrrrr 😦

Anyway…. I potted up the random tree that was growing under the fence and left bare rooted in yesterday’s carnage.


Gave him a bit of a haircut to help him along. I hope it isnt some noxious weed that I’ve just rescued lol


Unfortunately I think that potting up the tree is just the first step of a major clean up that is going to be left to me…. I’m gonna need help I think- moving the worm farm back in place is definitely a multi person job hahaha


We now have some ‘feature holes’ in our concrete that are big enough for my cat to fall in!
I hear that ‘feature holes’ are totally in fashion this season. .. its all about the negative space!


Im trialing a new propagation procedure with the Geraniums. Similar to ‘Serpentine propagation’, this method requires you to lay all the stems of plant on the ground and have 3 or 4 burly tradesmen stomp the stems into the soil over 2 days (steel cap boots recommend). This process ensures that there is good solid contact between your whole plant and the ground and will hopefully lead to strong root development.
If my new method is a success,  I should have dozens of new plants popping up within a few weeks


Tip of the day: got a plant that struggles to stand up in the wind? Simply concrete it into the ground. It should stay in place now in winds up to 180km per hour!


You know I like to use resources creatively. … forget spending good money on garden ornaments! Just look how effective the contrasting colour of the steel off cuts is at bringing the bringing out the leaf colours!



I love that the steel off cuts mimic the colur of the strawberries that once grew here.  It really creates quite a strong illusion!  Looking down from my balcony I could almost be fooled into thinking there is a sweet crop of strawberries ready for me to havest 😉


Oh well – I guess it could’ve been heaps worse!

Happy gardening 😉


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