Poor seedlings- water when you can!

Remember not to let your seedlings dry out in these warm months.
Just lost most of my Chili seedlings because I was sure they could survive ‘until the morning’ without a a water.  (‘Until the morning’ turned out to be three days later! )
Water when you can 🙂


Red Abutilon (Chinese lantern)

I found an awesome Red Chinese Lantern Tree growing in roadside garden
Mum struggles to propagate the Red ones so im hoping these will take off so we can share

Red Abutilon (Chinese lantern)

Here they are all planted out. Used my own propagation mix, mostly cow poo and compost.


hope they work out.

Mum makes awesome ‘twisted plants’ she takes 3 or 4 different colours of these and plaits them into a standard… like this one https://www.jparkers.co.uk/plant-0001292/abutilon-tricolour-p12/

I’m determined to beat her, and create a 5 colour variety!

Garden Pics

Here is a gallery of my random garden pics! Pleas click on the link to see the whole gallery